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My yoga adventure started in 2003 when I was struggling with chronic back pain and migraines. I was lucky enough to meet an extraordinary teacher and I fell in love with yoga. My yoga practice helped me get rid of my physical pain and had so much more to offer! Since then, I've always kept yoga in my life because it's fun and most of all because it is essential for my wellbeing and my mental health.



Why yoga?


My definition of yoga is A practice to discover and enhance our potential for feeling well in our body, mind and heart. It's a way to anchor ourselves in the present moment. The practice of yoga helps us learn so much about ourselves, about our strengths and limits, and teaches us how to apply what we learn on the mat in "real" life. To me, it's simply the most efficient way to connect with myself.



My approach


I teach Hatha yoga, and my teaching style makes yoga an adaptable practice that suits all levels of physical strength, flexibility and endurance. I take the person where they are, with a safe and flexible approach to improve the person's endurance, posture, and emotional and physical wellbeing. This way yoga is a great tool, combined with the breath and mindfulness, to reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia and to develop a deeper self-love.



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